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How it works


Simply click the Get a Second Opinion Now button, complete the quick form and we will do the rest. Or else search by symptom, condition or speciality for more information before you get in touch.

Choose report type

Decide the type of second opinion you want to receive:

  • Medical or surgical opinion including telephone or video consultation
  • Radiology opinion of an x-ray, ultrasound, MRI or CT scan

Upload your information

Complete the patient questionnaire and send this with your clinical information from your computer. This can include copies of clinic letters, test results and other supportive information. Images of ultrasound, CT and MRI scans can also be uploaded (these are usually given to you by the hospital on a CD, DVD or USB stick). Once your information has been received, the cost of your second opinion report and a link for payment will be provided.

Specialist review of your case

The specialist will perform an in-depth assessment of your questionnaire and the clinical information provided and a written report will be sent to you in 7 days or less*. A telephone or video consultation with the specialist can be arranged before or after your report is sent to you.

* More complex cases may incur an additional fee and take longer to prepare a report