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About SOS

Second Opinion Specialists was established to help patients or carers who would like a second opinion, do this in a simple and straightforward way. SOS’s hospital specialists are UK based, highly regarded and experienced in their field. The service is available to UK and international patients.

There are many reasons to request a second opinion. These include continued diagnostic uncertainty, choosing the right treatment or review of a MRI or CT scan. It is recognised however that getting a second opinion can be a confusing and lengthy process, increasing anxiety particularly if serious illness is involved. SOS’s main aim is to make this process simple with rapid and straightforward access to appropriate specialist expertise and reporting of the specialist’s opinion back to patients quickly.

An individual’s health concern may be medical, surgical or radiological in nature, simple or complex. SOS will do its best to find the right specialist to help answer the question being asked.




Dr Chris Fraser MB ChB MD FRCP

Medical Director

Chris has been a Consultant Gastroenterologist in the NHS and private sector since 2004. Having worked at St Mark’s Hospital in London, a world renowned hospital for complex gastrointestinal disorders and bowel cancer, and in Harley Street for 10 years, he knows how important a second opinion can be in helping patients receive the right care.

After noticing that getting a second opinion can be a worrying, confusing and time consuming process, he co-founded secondopinionspecialists.com to help patients quickly access specialist expertise in a simple and effective way.


Martyn Keen

Marketing Director

Martyn is an experienced technology and marketing specialist who has worked in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. Having gained a vast amount of knowledge in web UX and technology, he co-founded secondopinionspecialists.com to address the ever important and growing need for medical second opinions.